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First Mesa Elementary School is pleased to host the 2023 Fall Scholastics Book Fair. You are welcome to come join your child and your child's school and enjoy the delightful books during the FMES Book Fair! Event date and time; November 27 - December 8, 2023 daily from 8:00 am  - 4:00pm.

(Closed during RTI and Specials)

Also see eWallet tutorial video link below. 

Informational video on eWallet for your student.

October Events

F.M.E.S. Trunk Or Treat

2023 F.M.E.S. Red Ribbon Week

2023 F.M.E.S. Halloween/Red Ribbon Spirit Week

2023-2024 F.M.E.S. Native American Week

2023-2024 First Mesa Elementary School Indian Day Celebration!

Below is the itinerary for the 2023-2024 Indian Day at First Mesa Elementary School. Come enjoy the day with FMES as the Students and Staff perform several dance groups for friends and family! 

2023-24 FMES Clan Run Itinerary

2023 First Mesa Clan Run Itinerary for Tuesday, September 26. The day begins with the welcome at 9:00 AM. Kindergarten starts of the run at 9:15 AM with the rest of the grades following. Please join us for this fun event for the kids! GO Indians!


School breakfast and lunch preparation menu for FMES Native American Week September 25 thru Spetember 29. Enjoy the great food!

2023-2024 FMES PIE Committee Upcoming Events

F.M.E.S. /P.I.E Halloween Carnival Event

September 2023 Event Calendar